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About the Role


[On site] JAS, Karen Village, Nairobi

Job Type

7 Week Contract

Salary in Ksh


Start Date

January 17, 2023

+ Create animation sequences for a 3-minute episode, with the following deliverables:

1. First Key-framed rough pass and edits.
2.Second rough pass with attention to principles of animation.
3. Tie-down animation drawn to model.
4. Cleaned up (Final) Animation all drawn to model, with correct timing and FX.
5. Colored Final Animation.

+ The role will be performed at the studio for four days a week. [You may be granted two days online work if you prove to be dependable]
+ 2D Animators may be assigned an INTERN, with your role being to give them per-approved animation tasks and guide them in the completion of these tasks.


+ Must have a Drawing Tablet and Decent Laptop computer.

+Must be able to be at the studio in Karen Village at least three days a week to perform the role.

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