About the Role


[On site] JAS, Karen Village, Nairobi

Job Type

6 Week Contract

Salary in Ksh


Start Date

January 11, 2022

+ Assist in creating storyboard sequences for a 4-minute episode, with the following deliverables:
1. First rough thumbnail pass and edits.
2. Second rough pass with attention to storytelling and cinematography.
3. Final storyboard done in Storyboard Pro and on model.
4. Timed and edited Animatic
5. Cleaned up (Final) Animatic all drawn to model, with correct timing and FX.
6. Assist in Conceptualizing production artwork as seen in the storyboards not limited to Background and Props.

+ Storyboard Interns will be under the Lead storyboard artist. You will be assigned per-approved storyboard tasks from the storyboard artist and the producer.


+ Must be able to be at the studio in Karen Village at least three days a week to perform the role.

+ Must have a modern laptop and drawing tablet.