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Aspiring Animator,

Unleash your creativity with

our 12-week digital art and

animation apprenticeship program for college graduates.


Our Mission is to train and empower creatives in our region and to create a space to develop authentic stories which we’ll share with the world. Having observed the nature of the industry, we endeavour to create a proper studio environment and offer a world-class working experience.


Expert guidance and advice.

Our mentors have years of experience in the industry. They will provide expert guidance and advice to help you reach your creative potential.

Master the latest techniques

Our program teaches you the latest digital art and animation techniques, helping you make your work stand out.

Enhance your skills and keep up with the latest technologies and techniques. We will help you create compelling art and animation.


Meet your mentor

Shadrack Munene

Pro 2D/3D Animator | Art Director | Mentor 

  • He runs a full-service animation studio and directs a creative team to produce high-quality work.

  • He has more than six years of teaching experience teaching aspects of the 2D & 3D Production pipeline.

  • Most importantly, he has co-ordinated an animation incubator program and successfully mentored fifteen ambitious youths to produce five animated pilots from scratch in just six months.

His vast experience as a teacher, mentor and animation studio director makes him the best animation mentor in the region.

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JR Animation Studio LTD

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Nairobi, Kenya

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